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                The Latest Word - Edition 2


We hope your 2022 has gotten off to a flying start. Whether your sales year starts now, is halfway through or is measured in another timeframe, the start of the calendar year is always a great time to reflect on where you are, where you want to be and how you are tracking. 

Does your sales plan need a review? The Canadian Sales Manager Association claims the #1 reason salespeople miss targets is a failure to plan.

The purpose of what we share in this newsletter is to help you plan better and perform better.

An international Award for 'The Wentworth Prospect'

We knew The Wentworth Prospect was something special. We just hoped others would agree.

It launched as the #1 New Release in Amazon USA's Sales & Selling Techniques category and held that position for 3 weeks.

It's achieved best-seller status and now, it's won a Silver medal in the prestigious international Top Sales World Awards in the Best Sales & Marketing Book category for 2021.

In the words of one of the judges, “the entrants were of very, very high quality. The Wentworth Prospect won silver against some really tough competition".

To say we're chuffed is an understatement.

Don't have a copy yet? You can find it in print, ebook and audio here.

Sales Intent is more important than Technique

Our headline is a quote from the master of intent himself, James Muir
In this short video, he and John Smibert discuss the importance of authenticity, openness and mindset so your prospects don't smell 'commission breath'

You may not realise that no your behaviours, overt or covert, are causing buyer reservations or mistrust.

Outwardly, you believe you are demonstrating professionalism, being cordial, asking the right questions and saying the right things.

Inwardly, though, your intention towards the buyer is something that you'd prefer not to make obvious. Something you prefer to keep to yourself.

Science shows that we are continually transmitting our intentions. It's something that we have no control over as we do it in 3 ways  - via mirror neurons, micro-expressions and paralanguage. 

Buyers are on high alert with every seller they encounter, and with them having access to so much information in today's digital age, their 'BS meter' is finely tuned. If you have a hidden intention, your buyer will sense it. They won't always be accurate in identifying what it is, but they will assume the worst if something seems to be lurking under the surface. 

Your intent is being revealed by your word choice, your vocal tone and pitch, your pace, your body language and your general presence (whether in person or online).

Your intent to help the customer get what they want is more important than demonstrating your capability or your product.

Sales Management That Works

Management Tree

One of our favourite business strategists is Harvard Business Professor Frank Cespedes. He says that strategy is knowing where to play and how to win.

But even if we should get inside his head and implement the best strategy, without the right management and leadership of our sales teams, our strategy will fail.

His newest book is Sales Management That Works: How to Sell in a World That Never Stops Changing (Harvard Business Review Press, 2021).

According to Frank, business development and growth are core leadership responsibilities. But the impact on sales activities of new buying processes, e-commerce, big data, and other megatrends is often misunderstood.

In this Growth Acument podcast, he discusses with Steven Norman, how to separate signal from noise and the implications for hiring, training, performance management, and relevant sales models.

Grow Your Sales Awareness

The Wentworth Prospect delivers readers more than just a great story that shows the skills needed for success in complex, B2B sales. It's a complete suite of services that will make you a better salesperson or sales leader.


Authentic Selling with EDVANCE

Sales transformationDid you love the messages in the book? Want to learn more? Subscribe to our sales capability development program - Authentic Selling with EDVANCE.

Join a group of nine other peer-level B2B salespeople, who are all striving to enhance their authentic sales capability, in this 7-month program.    Authentic Selling with EDVANCE is also available as an Enterprise program, delivered to entire sales teams. Interested?



Scenario-Based Sales Assessment

SkillsAssessmentThe EDVANCE Assessment program will assess B2B sales skills and capabilities utilising an advanced scenario-based assessment methodology from Cognisco, It is used to identify personal development needs for an individual salesperson or members of a sales team.
An excellent, proven tool to help individuals understand their development needs, or for sales leaders to plan training and coaching for their teams.





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