'The Wentworth Prospect'Tony Hughes


by Tony J. Hughes

Professional selling is changing faster than at any time in history with the fourth industrial revolution forcing everyone in sales to redefine the way they create value for their employer and customers. Failure to adapt to new expectations and step-up with next level thinking and leadership, means a drift toward commoditisation and career extinction. 


Although a typical buyer’s journey starts within their trusted network or online, it is a misconception to believe that buyers are truly empowered in an age of information overload. Buyers drown in information and have always needed trusted advice. Strategic selling is about early engagement with relevance and context to reframe thinking while co-creating a vision for a brighter future supported by a compelling business case to invest in change. And it all needs to be done while navigating politics, overcoming apathy, dealing with ambiguity, neutralising desperate competitors, and preventing your own team from inadvertently sabotaging sales and customer success.


WP upright webThis book is important because sales leadership is needed like never before. Yet leadership is mercurial stuff and poorly understood. The truth is that sales management often becomes the weak link in the revenue chain for companies; something John and Wayne shine a light on as they explain exactly what it takes to drive sustained sales success. 


Together with Jeff, they have masterfully created a book that has the power to transform sales careers. It’s a memorable story about sales leadership that contains heart, wisdom, insight and practical advice that can have a huge impact for those seeking to drive improved results and go to the next level in their sales or leadership career.



It is a timeless maxim that value selling demands a deep-seated focus on the needs of customers. The very best sales leaders embrace this and focus on making a positive difference in the lives of others – personally and professionally. But how do we move from price to value, from commodity to consultative, from seller to trusted advisor? John and Wayne explain exactly how to be the person worthy of the sales success you seek whether you are an individual contributor or senior leader.


The EDVANCE process and methodology alone is worth far more then the price of this book or the time you invest in reading how to best apply its magic. Within these pages you will go on a journey of discovery where you meet some familiar characters. You’ll see yourself in Sue and you’ll relate to the challenge of stepping-up into leadership while managing the chaos and pressure that is the world of sales and commercial leadership. Savour the book as you read and allow the lessons to become part of your own thinking.


Within these pages you will find your true north in selling – that we must always walk in the direction of the customer, beside them and with heart, purpose and integrity. That’s why this book is so important. It illustrates how to be authentic and human in the age of the machines by applying timeless principles of trust, insight and value creation. Many of the scenarios within its pages resonated with my own experience and they will for you too.


What John, Wayne and Jeff have delivered with ‘The Wentworth Prospect’ is a compelling vision for B2B sales. It’s a bright future, and if you're a seasoned professional, this book will remind you what the right path to a sale looks like. If you’re a newcomer it’s a comprehensive, easy-to-digest lesson in best-practise selling. As a story, it will have you hooked and make you smile. 


The Wentworth Prospect is a brilliant book that will stand the test of time. Buy it as a gift and share it with all those you care about in the arena of professional sales. 


Tony Hughes

Best-selling author, Co-founder, Sales IQ Global


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