Book Companion

This online reference is designed to work hand-in-hand with the book. As you read the story, you'll be directed to online content that explains and expands on the methods used by Sue and her sales team. This can help you implement the best-practice approach as depicted in the novel.

There are eleven sections to this companion the first of which can be accessed here:     


Stakeholder ArchetypesArchitype cards fanned small

To help you pinpoint the real powerbase in your prospect's organisation, you have to understand the stakeholders involved. These cards, as used by the characters in the story, will help you do just this. Designed for real-world sales scenarios, they will help you identify your Change Agents, engage with them effectively and use their influence to drive consensus. 


Sales Capability Assessment (Free for readers of The Wentworth Prospect)

This versatile program will help you, or the people you lead, to be assessed against the sales capabilities and standards outlined in the book. Its purpose is to identify potential gaps in skills or methods and help plan personal development. 



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